Omar Group Of Companies



Omar Associates (pvt.) Ltd. is the parent company of the group and was formed in 1975 after the directors divested themselves from M/s Omar Sons, one of the oldest and most reputable construction companies in Pakistan. With their rich experience in the construction industry, the directors of OAL took upon themselves to further their interests in this industry. Over the course of the next four decades, through sheer hard work and dedication, the company grew leaps and bounds and was soon standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other the giants of the construction industry. The company primarily worked in the public, private and government sectors in the following fields:
  • Preparation of technical and economical studies
  • Preparation of project design
  • Construction contracting
  • Inspection and evaluation of constructed projects
OAL’s staff of senior engineers and key personnel include a number a specialists with high technical qualifications and considerable practical experience in the planning, design and execution of all types of construction projects. Along with its sister concern, M/s Capriorn Associates, the company successfully undertook and completed various mega-projects for customers such as :
  • Karachi Water & Sewerage Board
  • Pakistan Navy
  • Siemens Pakistan Ltd
  • Mobil Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
  • Ansaldo Energia
  • W.T Projects Limited, UK
  • Ideal Industries
  • Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd
  • Hubco
  • IHI Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries Complex Ltd.
  • Port Qasim Authority
  • Karachi Electric Supply Corporation
  • Pakistan Air Force
Additionally, the company also successfully completed various overseas projects under a joint venture with a Saudi company. In the early 2000’s – with rapid changes in the country’s economical as well as political situation – the company saw the need to diversify its operations into other areas. Having worked in great detail with KW&SB, we recognized the immediate need for upgradation of metropolitan water filters, which use large amounts of silica sand-based filter media as its main component. At the time there were no manufacturers of filter media in Pakistan and hence Omar Associates (pvt.) Ltd became the first company in Pakistan to set up an industrial level silica sand crushing, sieving and grading plant. Since then we have successfully supplied our silica sand to many local companies and exported large volumes abroad as well. As we gradually became the market leader in the processing of filter sand, we have further branches out into production of specialty sands as well such as filtration sand, construction sandgolf course sand as well as sand for agrochemical uses.

The roots of Capricorn Associates go back almost three decades when our directors Mr. Nadeem Omar and Mr. Asim Omar launched Pakistan’s first discount card and pioneered the “plastic card” revolution. The card was launched from Karachi in 1987 and was an immediate hit with the masses wherein they could enjoy flattering discounts across multiple product categories as well as services simply by flashing the “Capricorn’s Discount Card”. The company quickly expanded its vendor as well as member base and expanded to other cities of Pakistan. On the success of this venture, the company started its foray into the sporting world by setting up its own cricket club and team, which in itself grew in popularity within no time.

However, utilizing the strong brand presence of its parent company, Omar Associates (pvt.) Ltd., the company started its making rapid progress in the construction arena and also started business of renting of heavy construction vehicles. The company successfully worked with many foreign companies especially those responsible for setting up IPPs in Pakistan.

In the early part of 2000, the company further diversified into the field of Agrochemicals. Basing upon our parent company’s ability to produce graded silica sand, Capricorn Associates started formulation of granule-based pesticides. The uniform grade of the granules assured uniform coating of the material and as a result translated into more efficient usage and field distribution. The product was an instant hit and the company has since then built upon this very strong foundation and has successfully added new products to the portfolio including pesticidesherbicides and fungicides.

As another novel innovation, we started production of organic fertilizers in 2010, which again was break-through product in Pakistan. Since then, OrganoPlus fertilizer stands as the leading organic fertilizer brand in Pakistan. The company also imports and markets many other products in these segments.

Our manufacturing facilities comprise of the following:

  • Liquid Formulation Plant (EC) having capacity to produce upto 20 million liters annually
  • Toll Manufacturing including complete packing, refilling and labeling process for multi-national companies like Arysta LifeScience Pakistan & Syngenta Pakistan
  • WP (Wetable Powder) Manufacturing Plant with a production capacity of 15,000 MT annually.
  • SSP (Single Super Phosphate) Plant having an annual production capacity of 30,000MT. The plant is registered with Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority.

In 2016, the company further diversified into the ultrafine grinding and classification industry. For this purpose we have set up an ultra-modern and fully automatic European plant primarily for grinding calcium carbonate down to sizes of 3 microns and below. The plant also has a coating unit for catering to the demand for coated products and will cater to paints, plastic, paper, chemical, PVC, cables, adhesives, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

In the early part of 2000, the company decided to venture into the field of mineral processing. Pakistan has been blessed with immense minerals resources but unfortunately little has been done to exploit these resources in a professional manner. In 2002  the company established a micronizing plant in collaboration with a Swiss consulting company, Arbeva Engineering and started manufacturing micronized talc (soapstone). Owing to the superior grade of our raw material, our product quickly gained popularity in Pakistan and across the globe. With the passage of time, we kept on adding customers to our list with no compromise on quality. Today, by the grace of God, we are the largest manufacturers and exporters of talc from Pakistan.  The company also deals in other minerals such as barite, calcium carbonate, kaolin, etc.

Omar Talc has rapidly become a household name in industries across the globe using our material. Owing to the superfine characteristics of the raw material, the finished product stands out in performance against its competitors. One of our best customers, M.s IMI Fabi recognized this fact and proposed a joint-venture project to ensure further capitalization on this amazing product. Hence in 2012, an agreement was reached a joint venture company by the name of IMI-Omar was formed in Pakistan. Under this venture the Omar Minerals and IMI Fabi are setting up a state-of-the-art mineral-processing factory in Port Qasim. All the machinery has been imported from Europe and once operational it promises to be the first of its kind plant in the region. The much-needed value-addition to various minerals including talc will be carried out in Pakistan at this factory and will be exported directly all over the world. The work on the project is almost complete and the plant has started partial processing.  We plan to be under full production by end of 2016.

In the year 2018, the group decided to diversify into the field of aviation and Quantum Aviation was born with the idea to serve the Pakistani aviation industry. Quantum Aviation is a prestigious travel management company that specializes in business, leisure, MICE, group and FTT travel. Since our inception we have been successful in winning GSAs of Garuda Airlines as well as Discover Qatar. The latest addition to our portfolio is the GSA of newly established IPS Airways starting direct service from Islamabad & Lahore to Manchester airports in the UK. We have a dedicated team of professionals armed with the latest information and resources to serve our prestigious clientele. Our close relationships with airlines enable us to offer extremely competitive fares, seat availability and premium services to our customers.

Vision is to transform the companies vision and aim and to create more customers in the Middle East and Subcontinent. We intend to join hands and work with world class technology giants seeking partnership and corporate leadership which will give us an advantage and provide us with a win-win scenario. Our team and level of knowledge in these fields will helps us to achieve great heights. We are ever increasing our portfolio and seeking new relationships in order to enhance our image and provide the best service possible to our clients.